Since we developed "Car Beautician" ,the first automatic car wash machine in 1963, we have been developing high intelligent cleaning techniques for more than 50 years, and continuing to provide high-speed washing, comprehensive cleaning, fast drying, car surface protecting, energy saving, safe and reliable car wash machine, making it more easier to wash, wax and coat, for the owners and drivers all over the world.

  • FK-2 is a breakthrough polymer coating which easily generates a superior finish in car washers than solid wax.

    With the catch phrases of "wash", "shine" and "guard", this is currently the most recognized coating product among drivers. It is the first "guarding and washing car product" that protects car body from acid rain and UV rays and has a beautiful shine and care effects.

  • Prism Coat is a high quality polymer coating with high anti-stain effect by B.P. shield function that can be provided in a car wash .

    Prism Coat is applied over FK-2 coating which has high water repellency and high absorptivity. The negative ion property of Prism Coat repels dirt and chemically prevents water stains from forming , maintaining long-lasting beautiful gloss and shine.

  • Plus Foaming Function

    Abundant bubbles cover car body to aid manual car washing in no-brush condition. Bubbles optimal for manual car washing , and at the same time, it can wow customers with a splendid Bubble Show.